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Established In 1992




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Established in 1992

Zhejiang Guangming Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd

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Company Profile

  Zhejiang Guangming Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. (Guangyou Screw) , which was established in 1992, through 20 years of endeavour and cultivation, the company now among the world’s leading manufacturer of screw and barrel. It is located in the Xihou Industry Park, Jintang, Zhoushan. The company has facilities totalling over 50,000 square metres and employs over 300 workers. we pride ourselves on advanced and numeric controlled manufacturing and fine-processing facilities, including computerised nitriding furnace, quenching furnace for heat treatment, and plasma alloy surfacing equipment that is full automatic and numeric controlled. The company equipped with material control and quality insurance facilities imported from Germany,thus guaranteed the quality of our products. The company complies strictly to ISO 9001:2008, which makes our operation consistent, efficient and self-evolving. The sales team of Guangyou is a group of people with strong sense of responsibility, solidarity and execution. Through their constant effort, Guangyou now channels to over 50 nations and districts. Its well-established sales and service network now covers the US, Germany, the UK, Italy, France, Spain, Russia, India, Iran, Egypt, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina, and so on.

  In the future, Guangyou will never rest its pace of advancing. With an extensive influence and enviable reputation, Guangyou will continue to be outstanding screw and barrel supplier internationally.