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Use, Care and Storage of Screw and Barrel for Rubber Extruder

The manufacturer of Screw and Barrel for Rubber Extruder tells you that because the rubber extruder can produce and process many kinds of raw materials, it is impossible to rely on only one screw to complete the molding work with all raw materials. Therefore, we need to combine the characteristics of raw materials and the commonality between various raw materials to design the screw, so that one screw can extrude a variety of plastics. Today we will talk about the use, maintenance and preservation of rubber extruder screws.

Low price Screw and Barrel for Rubber Extruder from China manufacturer
Precautions for screw use:
The manufacturer of Screw and Barrel for Rubber Extruder tells you not to let the screw run empty for a long time. If there is no rubber filling inside the rubber extruder, the screw will deflect due to its own weight, plus the screw flight and the extruder The gap between the barrels is relatively small, so when the screw is rotated, the phenomenon of bore sweeping will occur due to the sinking of the tail end of the screw. If the screw is idle for a long time, it will accelerate the wear of the screw and barrel, resulting in shortened life of the screw.
Screw maintenance:
For the rubber extruder, the screw is a very important part. It not only has high precision, long processing time, but also is expensive. Therefore, it needs to be well maintained during normal use to prolong its service life.
When the screw is working, it should be started at a low speed. After working for a period of time, it should be turned to a high speed. When installing the screw, it should be ensured that there is no debris on the contact surface. For old raw materials, when cleaning the residue on the screw, you should use a bamboo or copper knife to shovel the material. You cannot use a blade with a relatively high hardness to scrape off the sticky material, let alone roast the screw with fire.
Screw storage:
The screw itself has relatively high requirements on the density of the material. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid deformation and bending during storage. Once the screw is deformed and bent, the accuracy will be affected. Therefore, a better storage method is: Screw and Barrel for Rubber Extruder manufacturer told You use the head thread to lift vertically. The spacing between each screw rod should be even to avoid collision between the screws. In order to avoid rusting of the screw rods, grease should be applied regularly.
The manufacturer of Screw and Barrel for Rubber Extruder tells you that during the use of the screw extruder screw, once there is an abnormal failure, it should be eliminated in time to avoid greater losses caused by the expansion of the failure.