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The screw of the injection molding machine barrel has good mixture melting.

It reflects the new process of extrusion, that is, a single key and in the extrusion link. The twin-screw extruder is very suitable for reflecting extrusion due to its excellent mixing performance. The liquid raw materials are added to the twin-screw extruder according to certain preparation, and the polycondensation reaction is generated under the influence of stirring and tooth combination, and the excess combustion heat is emitted according to the barrel. At the entrance and exit, gear oil pumps are generally used to immediately input the product into the water ring plastic granulator for granulation.

Basically 95% of the twin-screw extruders are used for mixing, stripping back, reflecting the production of final granular products such as extrusion, and have low requirements for product dimensional stability,barrel screwThe extruder can also combine mixing and molding closely. According to the use of specific engines and suitable mid-and downstream machinery and equipment, it can produce finished products in a more efficient way, which can produce plastic films, plates and pipes. Immediate extrusion can save the process of refrigeration granulation and re-heating and melting. Raw materials bear lower internal stress and shear stress. All processing technologies can save energy and can easily adjust secret recipes. They have long been used in the production and manufacture of PE, TPE/TPO/TPV, PVB, lignocellulosic materials, foamed products, polyester and biodegradable plastics. Generally, a gear oil pump is added to reduce pressure fluctuations, and it is believed that the engine gives materials with stable working pressure.



Each twin-screw extruder manufactured can achieve standardized performance requirements. There are professional barrel screw extruder manufacturers, which implement strict quality control on the processing technology of each machine and the project progress of non-standard machinery and equipment. The spare parts used in the machinery and equipment are strictly checked, and quality inspection is carried out on every component of each machine and equipment. From products, procurement to manufacturing, pay attention to every detail.

The barrel screw of the injection molding machine has excellent mixing glue melting, and the material stays in the extruder for a short time, which is suitable for the production and processing of granular materials. The screw of injection molding machine has the characteristics of large annual output value, faster extrusion speed and inferior energy consumption of annual output value. However, small accidents often occur during the use of the barrel screw of the injection molding machine, just like the screw rupture. Here to analyze the injection molding machine barrel screw why there will be such a thing.

Injection molding machine barrel screw used in the fracture of the reason:

1. Injection Molding Machinebarrel screwTheir own quality is weak.

2. The height and diameter of the screw are too large.

3. What is the problem with the screw assembly and fixation.

4. The ambient temperature of the barrel is set too low, and the shear stress on the screw rotation is very large.

5, injection molding machine cold start, the viscosity of raw materials in the barrel is too high.

6, the application of raw materials in the hard metal or non-metallic material residue.