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Barrel screw extruder is widely used in physical modification of high polymer

  barrel screwExtruders are widely used in the physical modification of polymers: blending, filling and fiber reinforcement, seasoning or compounding, and can be used for extrusion of formed products. The allowable shear rate is 60~1401 m/s, and the angular velocity of the screw is 30~50 m/min, which can reach 160 m/min. The fast twin-screw extruder is mainly used for material compounding and continuous chemical change extrusion and exhaust pipe operation. The speed ratio of this extruder is in the range of 300 ~ 1800r/min. In addition, the twin-screw extruder has good feeding characteristics, is suitable for the production and processing of granular materials, and has better mixing, exhaust pipe and reaction self-cleaning effect than the single-screw extruder. The production and processing of plastic and co-wrong materials with poor heat resistance shows your advantages. According to the composition of different forms of screw components, the twin-screw extruder with exhaust pipe functionality designed by Lego building blocks can also be applied in the following aspects.



1. Masterbatch production

The mixture of plastic particles and a certain proportion of additives is the masterbatch. Additives include color paste, filler and functional additives, generally powdered materials and easy to agglomerate.barrel screwThe extruder is the main equipment of the masterbatch production line, which is used for homogenization and dispersion mixing of additives in the polymer-based body.

2. Blending modified materials

Gives excellent mixing performance between substrate and additives, fillers and lifting materials. Glass fiber is an important reinforcing material, but other chemical fibers can be fused with polymer media. According to the addition of chemical fiber and polymer fusion, can obtain high toughness and high impact resistance of raw materials, but also can reduce fat cost.

3. Exhaust pipe

Because of the mutual teeth of the two screws, the shearing process of the material at the teeth makes the surface of the material continuously updated, which deepens the actual effect of the exhaust pipe, so that the twin screw extruder has better exhaust pipe performance than the single screw extruder. In the exhaust pipe section, screw tooth transportation components with large pitch are selected, and ring dam or reverse screw tooth components are generally used to build pressure in the middle of the metrological verification section. The melt over the ring dam enters the exhaust pipe section, the pressure is released, and the volatile components are precipitated. Becausebarrel screwThe screw groove of the extruder is vertically open, so the area not filled with the second metering verification section will also participate in devolatilization. The barrel screw extruder customized with multi-joint exhaust pipe can be very suitable for EVA epoxy resin drying, PMMA itself continuous convergence and separation of single, PC organic solvent removal and other processes. Such a designed model, such as the connection with the pre-polymerization kettle, is suitable for the addition polymerization and addition polymerization reaction of polymers, and handles the mixing and heat conduction of low viscosity solutions in the polycondensation reaction process.