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Introduction to the advantages of the barrel screw, come and collect!

Barrel screw is a kind of equipment commonly used in industry, it has many advantages, so many manufacturers are eager for it. Below we come to understandbarrel screwThe advantages. The structure of the barrel screw is compact, which can coordinate the various parts well, and the processing operation is smoother. At the same time, its processing speed is very fast, and it can complete production tasks more quickly, thereby improving production efficiency.



The structure design of the barrel screw is reasonable, the area is relatively small, and the installation is also very convenient, which can effectively save the space of the production workshop and create more use space for the enterprise. The barrel screw has high precision and stability in the production and processing, so the quality of the product can be more stable. This is a point that every manufacturer will not ignore, especially for those enterprises with strict output requirements.

Since the production efficiency of the barrel screw is very high, it can also save a lot of labor costs. In the long run, it is also an effective way to reduce the cost of enterprises. The structure of the barrel screw is very exquisite, coupled with the superior material, the service life is relatively long, and the maintenance is also very convenient. It is particularly important for those enterprises with relatively high maintenance requirements.

In short, as a kind of auxiliary equipment widely used in industrial production, barrel screw not only has efficient production, but also has many advantages, which greatly facilitates the production process of enterprises. Its cost performance is also very high, worthy of more manufacturers to use. The barrel screw is an important part of the plastic processing machinery, the main function is to convert the plastic solid material into a molten state, and stable delivery in the barrel. Their smooth operation determines the success rate of production and equipment life, if the barrel screw improper maintenance, will damage the parts, resulting in losses, and even cause production accidents.

1. Regularly check the change of screw length

Operating under high pressure and high load will extend the length due to factors such as barrel wear and temperature differences, which will affect the production quality and equipment life. It is necessary to check the screw length and wear regularly to ensure that the screw length is normal.

2. Cleaning impurities and metal structures

In the production process, it is easy to have impurities and metal structures remaining on the barrel screw, resulting in unbalanced operation of the equipment, or even blocking the equipment, requiring regular cleaning. When cleaning, professional tools should be used to remove impurities on the screw surface and treat the screw surface with preservatives.

3. Replace the screw wear-resistant alloy layer

  barrel screwThe wear-resistant alloy layer will be damaged due to long-term high-speed friction and wear, which will lead to loosening, falling and other phenomena, affecting production efficiency. If the wear-resistant alloy layer is found to be seriously damaged, it should be replaced in time.

4. The hydraulic power oil should be replaced regularly

Regular replacement of hydraulic power oil not only helps to protect the machinery, but also extends the life of the machine. Oil products need to meet the requirements of the equipment to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment.

5. Disassemble, inspect and adjust regularly

In the long-term operation of the barrel screw, it is affected by the forces of extrusion, friction, thermal expansion and contraction, etc., which will cause the gap between the parts to become larger, thereby affecting the performance of the machine. Regular disassembly, inspection and adjustment are required to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Barrel screw is a very important part in plastic processing, which is widely concerned by enterprises and users. We need to understand and master the daily maintenance knowledge of the barrel screw, and make correct and effective maintenance measures to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment and the stable and efficient production.