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Cone double barrel screw plasticizing should pay attention to matters

cone double barrel screwWear cannot be prevented during continuous work, so how do we maintain it in our daily work?cone double barrel screwThe wear is mainly manifested in the wear in the current application process, especially when producing high fillers or glass fiber reinforced materials for a long time,cone double barrel screwThe inner diameter of the barrel will increase. Because the hardness of the inner surface of the barrel is higher than that of the screw, the damage of the barrel is slower than that of the screw. Thereforecone double barrel screwThe maintenance of the is very important, we will introduce how to maintain from the following three aspects.


cone double barrel screwWidely used in: granulation, wire drawing, film blowing, tube drawing, foaming, extrusion, technical board, etc,cone double barrel screwPlasticizing treatment process: heat treatment, nitriding treatment, let's introducecone double barrel screwPlasticizing should pay attention to matters

12. Clean the rubber head or replace the rubber head,Remove the head and burn it with fire. Burn the rest of the rubber thoroughly.

2Check carefully, starting from the hopper,inner spring nozzle.

3Inspectioncone double barrel screwWhether the raw material is added with toner,Whether the temperature is set properly, the new machine barrel may have oil, etc..

4Whether the pipeline conveying raw materials is anti-static hose,Or stainless steel pipe.When transporting raw materials and ordinaryPVCStatic electricity is generated when the hose is rubbed.,And static electricity can lead to the production of black spots in the product..

5Check the desiccant dryer of raw materials,High regeneration temperature,If the quality of the heating tube is not good, black flakes will easily fall off the outer wall of the heating tube.,and then fall into the molecular sieve,Re-enter the entire system.This way,The products you make have black spots.

6Use specialcone double barrel screwof, becausePCThe material is very corrosive,cone double barrel screwAs soon as it spoilt, black material will come out.