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Matters needing attention in the use of cone double barrel screw

cone double barrel screwThe main points to be paid attention to in the use process are as follows:

1When the injection molding machine is started, the injection molding machine should be fully preheated. When the predetermined temperature is reached,60Millimeters below the temperature to maintain15Minutes. More30After minutes, start the motor and start the screw-related operation.

2, the material andcone double barrel screwMatch. Especially corrosive materials and hard materials, suchPVCAdd special screws for flame-retardant materials, glass fiber materials, etc. to avoid using ordinary screws.

3If ordinary machines need to pay attention to the use of corrosive materials, use stable materials such as high-density polyethylene, high-impact polystyrene, etc. for cleaning and replacement.

4If ordinary machines occasionally use glass fiber materials, you must pay attention to the high temperature of the material,cone double barrel screwLow speed, low back pressure, remember.

5No matter what kind of material, try not to use low temperature limit production, suchPCmaterials can also be produced250degree,ABSIn185It can hardly be done at the time, but right.cone double barrel screwIt is not good because it requires a lot of torque and is severely worn. At the same time, if the lower limit problem must be used, a low screw speed should be used.

61. Shut down for more than half an hour each time, close the discharge port, clean the materials in the barrel, and set up a thermal insulation layer.

73. Avoid foreign matters falling into the cylinder and damagecone double barrel screwand cylinder. In order to prevent metal fragments and fragments from falling into the funnel, if the recycled material is processed, a magnetic funnel should be added to prevent iron filings from entering the funnel.

8When using anti-saliva, ensure that the plastic is completely melted to avoid damage when the screw is retractedcone double barrel screwWaitSystem components.

9, avoidcone double barrel screwIdling and skidding.

10When using new plastic, the rest of the bucket should be cleaned. The use of polyoxymethylene, polyvinyl chloride,PA GFWhen waiting for materials, the degradation of raw materials should be minimized, and they should be washed off in time after shutdown.ABSand other nozzle materials.