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Twin screw extruder temperature principle related knowledge

Belowtwin screwExtruder manufacturers to give us a brief introduction to the twin screw extruder temperature principle and related knowledge:
Extrudable plastics are thermoplastics that melt when heated and condense again when cooled. Heat is thus required during the extrusion process to ensure that the plastic reaches the ablation temperature. So where does the heat of melting plastic come from? The primary weighbridge feed preheating and barrel/die heater may be effective and very important at start-up. Other motor input energy, I .e. the conflict heat generated in the barrel when the motor rolls the screw against the resistance of the viscous melt, is also the most important heat source for all plastics, except for small systems, low speed screws, high melt temperature plastics and extrusion coatings.
In the operation of the twin-screw extruder, it should be known that the barrel heater is not the primary heat source, and its effect on extrusion is smaller than we estimate. The post-barrel temperature is important because it affects the rate of delivery of the solids in the tooth and perhaps the feed. Generally speaking, except for certain detailed purposes, such as polishing, fluid distribution or pressure control, the die head and mold temperature should reach the required temperature of the melt or close to this temperature.