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Experience Sharing of Daily Cleaning Method of Cone Double Barrel Screw

cone double barrel screwWith a certain mechanical strength of ordinary metal materials as the base metal, and in its inner hole working surface in addition to a layer of special alloy material protective layer of the pipe composition. This layer has a certain thickness and a certain hardness of the alloy protective layer according to the different conditions of its use or have both wear and corrosion resistance. This layer of protective layer is evenly attached to the base metal, and interlocked with the base metal on the metallographic phase without falling off, forming a solid whole.


cone double barrel screwIt is an important part of the injection molding machine and the core of the injection molding machine.Heart, can be saidcone double barrel screwThe correct use and maintenance of the injection molding machine plays a decisive role in the production efficiency. Within the industry,cone double barrel screwofClean-up maintenanceThere are mainlyThe followingTwoPoint

1. cylinder cleaning agent

If the product is replaced frequently with raw materials orcone double barrel screwIn order to save raw materials and improve work efficiency, the usecone double barrel screwThe cleaning agent is relatively economical. Special cleaning agent is a kind of material similar to rubber material, in the barrel of high temperature does not melt, in the screw thread groove is softened gel group, in the screw thread groove can move forward when the residual material away, so that the barrel can be cleaned.


The 2. adopts the method of material change and ejection

Prepare new raw materials plasticizing temperature range is highercone double barrel screwIn the plasticizing temperature range of the medium residual material, the barrel and nozzle can be heated to the low plasticizing temperature of the new raw material, then new material can be added and continuously injected into the aircone double barrel screwThere is no residue in the barrel.