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What are the reasons for the fracture of the barrel screw of the injection molding machine?

Injection molding machine barrel screwIt has excellent mixing and plasticizing ability, and the material stays in the extruder for a short time, which is suitable for powder processing. The screw of injection molding machine has the characteristics of large output value, fast extrusion speed and low energy consumption of output value. But...Injection molding machine barrel screwThere are often small episodes in the process of using, such as screw fracture. Below we analyzeInjection molding machine barrel screwWhy does this happen.


Injection molding machine barrel screwCauses of fracture during use:
1,Injection molding machine barrel screwPoor quality itself.
2The screw length-diameter ratio is too large.
3There is a problem in screw installation and fixation.
4The temperature of the barrel is set low, and the shearing force of the screw rotation is too large.
5The injection molding machine is cold-started, and the viscosity of the raw material in the barrel is too high.
6The raw materials used have too hard metal or non-metallic impurities.


Injection molding machine barrel screwThe quality of the material will have an impact on the plasticizing capacity and production efficiency of the material, so in the daily use process.Injection molding machine barrel screwMaintenance is exceptionally important.Injection molding machine barrel screwThere will be wear and tear during use, we canInjection molding machine barrel screwThe threaded part of the surfacing wear-resistant alloy can increase the ability of wear resistance and corrosion resistance according to the size of the screw, but this method generally has special requirements and the processing cost is relatively high. Generally, if the repair cost is compared with the update cost, if the modification cost is relatively high, we will generally replace the new one.Injection molding machine barrel screw. There is also a kind of repair costs and repair after use.Injection molding machine barrel screwThe ratio of time to update cost and update usage time, we generally choose the ratio is small, which is more reasonable and economical.