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Design Principle and Selection Skills of Injection Molding Machine Barrel Screw

Injection molding machine barrel screwIs an important part of the injection molding machine. Its function is to transport, compress, melt, mix and apply pressure to the plastic. All of this is done by rotating the screw in the cylinder. WhenInjection molding machine barrel screwWhen rotating, the plastic will produce friction and mutual movement between the inner wall of the barrel, the bottom of the screw groove, the edge of the screw and the plastic. The basic working principle of the injection molding machine can be understood as the plastic material is uniformly plasticized in the cylinder, and then the injection products are obtained by injection, filling, holding pressure, cooling and so on.


InInjection molding machine barrel screwUnder the action of, the granular plastic stored in the funnel moves continuously along the screw groove. Due to the combined effect of external heating and screw shearing, the plastic is continuously heated and softened,toA viscous flow state of the melt is formed. At the same time, the melting force of the screw head pushes the screw back. by changingInjection molding machine barrel screwBack pressure (working oil return resistance) to adjust the screw oil return speed, changeInjection molding machine barrel screwthe state of plastic flow in the groove,toTo achieve the purpose of controlling the plasticizing performance of plastics.


How to choose inInjection molding machine barrel screwWhat?What?influence inInjection molding machine barrel screwThere are many factors of choice, if inInjection molding machine barrel screwImproper selection will lead to insufficient work intensity and shorten its working life. Below.A brief introduction for everyoneInjection molding machine barrel screwThe design principle and purchase skills:

1.Adaptability, so-calledInjection molding machine barrel screwThe adaptability of the screw refers to the ability to process different plastics, match different heads and different products. Generally speaking, the stronger the adaptability, the lower the plasticizing efficiency.

2.Easy to make, a good oneInjection molding machine barrel screwIt must also be easy to manufacture and low cost.

3.Yield refers to the production or extrusion through a given head under the premise of ensuring the quality of plasticization. Production is generally in kilograms/hours or kilograms/turn to indicate. a good oneInjection molding machine barrel screwIt should have a high plasticizing capacity.

4.Single consumption, which refers to each kilogram of plastic extruded.(Rubber)The greater the amount of energy consumed, the greater the amount of plastic used to plasticize the same weight.(Rubber)The more energy required, the more heating power is consumed, and the more mechanical work done by the motor enters the material in the form of shear and frictional heat.