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Comparison and difference between injection molding machine barrel screw and extruder screw

Injection molding machine barrel screwAnd the extruder screw is plastic processing machinery, the two sound so similar, but in fact not the same.Injection molding machine barrel screwThere are many differences between the two and extruder screw, the following is a brief introductionInjection molding machine barrel screwWith the extruder screw contrast difference, in order to understand the two kinds of machinery more knowledge points


Injection molding machine barrel screwwithExtruder screwThe contrast difference:

1,Injection molding machine is the molten plastic injection into the mold, after cooling is the product.Injection molding machine barrel screwThe use is very extensive, according to the different plastics, the useMethodAlso different. The process is called the injection molding process. The extruder extrudes the molten plastic through a fixed-shaped extrusion port under the effect of the screw, and is cut after being water-cooled and shaped under the effect of the tractor.,It is mainly used for many products of the same cross-section to continue to produce, such as tubes, rods, profiles, etc., and can also be used for plastic modified granulation..


2,The injection molding machine is injected into the closed mold cavity after melting the plastic particles, and pauses after filling the mold cavity.Injection molding machine barrel screwThe operation is carried out again after cooling to shape the plastic into a certain shape and opening the mold.Injection molding machine barrel screwHomework. The extruder is after the plastic particles melt, through the mold continuous extrusion, such as plastic pipe, plastic plate, etc., the follow-up process and then cut off. The two machines not only process different materials, but also the structure of the screw is not the same.


3,Injection molding machine barrel screwwithThe extruder screw also differs in the processing data, whichMaterialsThe viscosity is different.Injection molding machine barrel screwIt is required that the plastic raw material can flow in the mold, and the extruder screw is generally bent and narrow, thus requiring the plastic raw material.Materialsthe mobilityMustGood.