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What are the fracture maintenance methods of rubber screw?

rubber extruderRubber screwThe quality of the barrel directly affects the quality of the product and production efficiency. When these two parts are severely worn or broken, they need to be repaired. The following is a brief introduction for everyoneRubber screwWhat are the causes of fracture and maintenance methods?


Rubber screwFracture belongs to the damage caused by low cycle fatigue. The source and propagation area of fatigue crack can be clearly seen on the fracture screw surface.Rubber screwThe root and surface cracks are often the source of fatigue cracks, and fatigue cracks will continue to spread outward under the action of time.In addition,ThroughRubber screwThe fracture was observed by microscope, and the fatigue stripes in the fatigue crack propagation zone showed directional intermittent or continuous distribution. Usually a fatigue stripe will correspond to a stress cycle, and basically belong to the brittle stripe. In the area of instantaneous fracture, some river patterns, cleavage cracks and secondary cracks can be seen on the section, but there is no dimple.


Rubber screwFracture repair method

Rubber screwAfter fracture,A new screw can be remanufactured from the old screw. can also be rightRubber screwThe wear-resistant alloy is thermally sprayed on the surface, and then polished to improve the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the screw. In addition,can also be inRubber screwThe surface is plated with a layer of hard chromium, which has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, but the hard chromium layer is relatively easy to fall off.Rubber screwAfter the fracture, choose to replace or repair, can be determined according to the price, if the maintenance cost is more expensive than replacing the new one,You canRe-replace with a new oneRubber screwmore cost-effective.