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Matters needing attention in the processing of alloy screw

alloy screwAlso known as bimetal screw, its main material is composed of two different metals, the advantage is to use economic processing, to achieve high economic benefits. As an important alternative material, alloys are used more and more widely in daily life and industry. For example, calcium carbonate, high territory, red mud, silica and the like are often added to plastics for modification. Add glass fiber, carbon fiber, boron fiber and so on to strengthen.


alloy screwWhat problems should be paid attention to in the process of processing:

1Be prepared for ventilation conditions, because smoke will be generated during processing;

2Rotate at a constant speedalloy screwHeat the surface evenly, don't just heat the screw at a certain point. Otherwise, the thermal stress on one side will cause the screw to twist and deform;

3,alloy screwTemperature cannot exceed400℃ (including thread). Otherwise, it will reduce the hardness and wear resistance of the screw;

4Special care should be taken when handling the check ring. Because the heating temperature of the thin-walled part of the check ring rises faster;

5, when screwed onalloy screwHead when paintedHSCOintment, do not use other types of lubricating oil or grease to lubricate the screw thread. These lubricants have coking reaction at high temperature, and the residue left may jam the screw head;

6Avoid hard objects hittingalloy screwMake the screw crack or fracture;

7When repairing, especially when repairing heated screw barrel, wear protective mask and glasses;

8Cleaning with wire brushalloy screw, polish screw surface with emery cloth (grit grade240280No.);

9Burn the residue on the internal thread with flame, and then clean the thread carefully with a wire brush.