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What are the application advantages of alloy screw?

alloy screwThe use of high-strength, corrosion-resistant alloy steel by multi-stage heat treatment and finishing, that is, with different types of high wear-resistant, or high corrosion-resistant alloy material composite in the barrel (or called the sol barrel) of the inner hole surface as a working layer, the thickness of the alloy material generally reached2.03.0mm, Rockwell hardness is generally60or above, and then through special machining of the barrel, that is.alloy screwThe size of the alloy screw used can be determined according to the output produced. In materials science,alloy screwIt is a very important means to increase the service life of mechanical parts. It uses ordinary metal materials as the parent body, and uses high-speed ion spray welding double alloy process on the working surface of mechanical parts, and combines another layer with special effects. Alloy, to improve the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties of the parts, and increase the service life of the parts. The following is a brief introduction for everyonealloy screwWhat are the advantages of the application?


alloy screwAdvantages of the application:

1Soft plasticizing design concept to ensure the quality of materials;

2,alloy screwHas a very reliable and very efficient design theory, to ensure the reliable operation of the extrusion;

3High torque drive system, teeth, shaft for high strength alloy steel, carburizing, grinding teeth processing;

4,alloy screwIt can be applied to the formula with high filling amount, and the feeding ensures the good filling degree and excellent material flow distribution in the screw;

5,alloy screwWith a core temperature adjustment device and good cylinder cooling, to ensure that the material process temperature control.