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What is the development policy of Rubber Barrel and Screw manufacturers

Rubber Barrel and Screw manufacturers check the tightness of all screws. If the power is suddenly cut off during production, the main drive and heating are continuous. When the power supply is restored, each section of the barrel must be heated to the specified temperature from the beginning and kept for a period of time before the extrusion can be started. When leaving the machine, the Rubber Barrel and Screw manufacturer tells you that if you find the full degree of rotation of the surface and the pointer, you should check whether the contact between the thermocouple and other edges is excellent.

Low price Rubber Barrel and Screw from China manufacturer
Rubber Barrel and Screw manufacturers tell you that twin-screw extruders used for profile extrusion are usually closely intermeshing and counter-rotating, although a small number of co-rotating twin-screw extrusion, exhaust and chemical reactions are used, Rubber Barrel The manufacturer of and Screw tells you that its conveying mechanism is very different from that of meshing extruder, which is closer to the conveying mechanism of single-screw extruder. There will be iron filings or other impurities from gear grinding.
​Rubber Barrel and Screw manufacturers tell you that they generally operate at a relatively low screw speed, about 10r/min. High-speed meshing co-rotating twin-screw extruders are used for compounding, exhaust or as a continuous chemical reactor. The large screw speed of the extruder is planned to be 300-600r/min. The non-meshing extruder is used for mixing, so the gear should be cleaned and the gearbox oil should be replaced together. The Rubber Barrel and Screw manufacturer tells you to correct it after a period of use. A complete inspection of the extruder is carried out.