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Processing technology requirements of screw barrel

Screw barrelThe processing of the material requirements. We know from the extrusion process that the screw is operated at high temperature, certain corrosion, strong wear and high torque,Screw barrelIt is necessary to meet the following requirements: high temperature resistance, no deformation at high temperature; wear resistance, long life; corrosion resistance, corrosive materials; high strength, acceptable large torque, high speed; good cutting function; after heat treatment Residual stress is small, thermal deformation is small, etc. The following is a brief introduction for everyoneScrew barrelWhat are the processing requirements?


Screw barrelProcessing requirements:

1,Screw barrelTo use corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant alloy steel manufacturing. Domestic current multi-use38CrMoAl,400or45# Steel manufacturing;

2,Screw barrelThe blank shall be formed by forging;

3,Screw barrelAfter rough machining, it should be tempered, hardnessHB=260~290;

4After machining of the cylinder, the wall thickness shall be uniform, and the machining accuracy of the inner hole shall meet the standard;

5The surface of the inner hole should be nitrided, and the depth of the nitrided layer should be0.40~0.70mmrange, surface hardnessHV950;

6,Screw barrelThe roughness of the inner hole surface after finishing shall not be greater1.6pm;

7For screw blank38CrMoAlor40CrThe alloy steel is formed by forging;

82. The screw shall be tempered after rough machining. Hardness118=260~290;

9The precision of the outer circle of the screw after finishing shall complyGB1801-79Mediumh8Level accuracy requirements; 

10,Screw barrelRoughness of the threaded partRaThe value is not greater than on both sides of the thread.1.6um, the thread bottom groove surface and the outer circle are not more0.8/one.