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Influencing factors of service life of barrel screw

barrel screwIt is the main component of the injection molding machine, which is often used in the screw industry, but when the screw of the injection molding machine works, it will cause inevitable wear and tear. Andbarrel screwDue to wear and tear caused by the gap is too large, can not be normal extrusion, injection and scrap, which will greatly affect its service life, then affectbarrel screwWhat are the factors of service life? Here is a brief introduction for you.


barrel screwfactors affecting the service life:

1Operating conditions of barrel screw

When operating in a relatively harsh environment, the temperature is generally200Above ℃.barrel screwNot only to accept high pressure, but also to accept the abrasive effect of the melt and pre-plastic when the frequent load start, the operation process also accept a lot of pressure and torque.

2Failure mechanism

barrel screwThe primary cause of failure due to wear is"Abrasive wear", plastics and fillers often disassemble corrosive media when plasticizing at high temperatures, which will cause corrosion to the metal on the exterior of the barrel screw. Corrosion products are easily carried out by plastics, and then lead to the loss of materials. The combined effect of wear and corrosion, exacerbatingbarrel screwThe failure.

3Factors of Production

barrel screwThe planning, material selection, exterior metal plating suchCr,NiNitriding, spraying or spray welding hardening alloy, as well as materials (such as plastic particle size, masterbatch function) and operation (speed, back pressure, etc.) will affect the service life of the barrel screw. Visible,barrel screwThe service life of the screw is mainly related to the raw materials, especially the various appearance processing technologies.

4Selection basis

Right.barrel screwWhen selecting, the structure of the barrel screw should first be selected or planned according to the nature of the processed plastic. Such as aspect ratio, compression ratio, pitch, edge width, etc. Second is the selectionbarrel screwThe material and the corresponding appearance treatment method. Only by selecting a barrel screw suitable for the application scenario can it be possible to extend the service life of the barrel screw.