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Correct cleaning of Alloy Screw and Barrel

When using an extruder or an injection molding machine, Alloy Screw and Barrel are essential auxiliary accessories, and we know that these two accessories need to be cleaned frequently to maintain the stability of their performance. How to clean them correctly? Friends who know how to clean these two accessories can read the introduction below.

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1. Choose the correct cleaning agent
In today's developed economy, there are many cleaners on the market, and some cleaners are specially used to clean certain types of products, such as screw cleaners, but the prices of these cleaners are not cheap, and the cleaning effect is good or bad. different. Whether it is necessary to choose a professional cleaning agent, the customer can choose it according to the situation of Alloy Screw and Barrel. For example, if resin is used as the cleaning material, pay attention to help customers save a lot of cost.
2. Use the correct cleaning method
When cleaning the screw, it is necessary to close the feeding port at the bottom of the hopper first, and then reduce the speed of the screw to 15-25r/min. This speed needs to be maintained until the melt flow at the front end of the die will no longer flow.
According to the processing technology, a special person is generally responsible for completing the cleaning work. When cleaning, you need to observe the screw speed and torque from the control panel, and you need to observe the pressure of the system. During the entire cleaning process, do not remove it first. Die head, wait until the processed material is completely replaced with clean resin, then stop and remove the die head, and then start the screw so that the clean resin can flow out.
When cleaning the barrel, the heating temperature should be set at 200°C. After the barrel reaches this temperature, cleaning will begin.
3. Choose the right cleaning tool
When cleaning Alloy Screw and Barrel, the cleaning materials and cleaning tools required include goggles, barrel ruler, heat-resistant gloves, copper scrapers, copper brushes, cotton cloths, etc.
Note that when cleaning, do not use very sharp steel tools to avoid scratching the surface of the Alloy Screw and Barrel.