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65 cone twin screw commissioning and operation precautions

  65 Cone DoubleThe test run of the screw shall be operated by those who are familiar with the process, so as to take measures to prevent accidents in case of accidents during the test run.


(1) Check whether the No. 46 gear oil in the reduction gearbox and distribution gearbox reaches the oil mark. If not, add oil to the oil mark.

(2) Start the 65-cone twin-screw main motor to observe and check whether its steering is correct. Please note that if the steering does not correspond to the immediate shutdown. The screw must be turned outwards.

Also note:65 Cone DoubleThe screw should avoid running under no load as much as possible, so as to avoid the screw and the barrel scraping or the screw seizing. If the test run is empty, lubricating oil should be added in the barrel.

(3) Check whether the rotation direction of the exhaust motor, vacuum pump and all fans is correct.

(4) Open the cooling device, pass the cooling water, and check whether the pipeline is unblocked and whether there is leakage.

(5) After the above test of 65 cone double is normal, the heating switch can be turned on to check whether the heating and cooling are normal, and preheating can be carried out after entering normal.

(6) Observe the temperature of the 65-cone twin screw. When the temperature of each heating zone reaches the required value, start the main machine after keeping the temperature for 30 minutes, and start feeding. First slow down until the die head is discharged, then gradually accelerate to the required speed of the process, then adjust the speed of the feeding screw, and start the vacuum pump to exhaust. At this time, check whether the quality of extruded products (including plasticized quality, appearance quality and internal quality) meets the standard.

(7) Appropriately adjust the speed of the 65-cone twin-screw and the heating temperature of each section until higher product quality and better process conditions are obtained.

(8) The vacuum pump can only be started when the screw is full of materials and the vacuum pump must be turned off before stopping to prevent the powder from being sucked into the exhaust device.

  (9)65 Cone DoubleScrew to do a good test run records, for future access to cruel.

(10) After the test run, immediately remove the residual plastic in the barrel and screw (special process out), so as not to hinder the smooth progress of the next production.

(11) Installation and removal of the 65-cone twin screw.

When installing the screw, turn the extruder barrel to the side, push the screw 1 (turn right) and screw 2 (turn left) down the barrel at the same time, then turn the barrel to the working position and tighten it. Turn the screw slightly to make the screw spline position consistent and concentric with the spline on the transmission shaft. Put the coupling sleeve in and fix the installation. For the removal of the screw, after basically emptying the materials in the machine, cut off the power supply, remove the machine head and the connection body of the machine head, open the air intake ball valve on the front end of the machine body and on the right side of the handwheel to make the lower end of the machine barrel support and inflate, then move the connection sleeve back and the screw spline off, open the fastening device, rotate the handwheel to move the front end of the extruder barrel to a certain position, and turn the screw, remove the studs.

(12)65 taper twin screw clearance adjustment

Push the two 65-cone twin screws into the barrel, then turn the barrel to the working position, lock it, and push the two screws forward to the full, taking the one with zero gap between the screw and the barrel as the standard (if both are zero, one can be taken), then the screw as the reference moves back to make the gap between the screw and the barrel 0.1mm. At this time, the gap between the screw and the drive shaft is the thickness of the required adjustment gasket. Based on the adjusted position, move the other screw axially to measure the axial gap between the two screws. Adjust the middle gap position of the second screw and measure the gap between the screw and the drive shaft. The gap at this time is the thickness of the gasket that the second screw needs to adjust.

  65 Cone DoubleWhen the screw is installed with the second screw with the adjusting piece and the gap between it and the barrel must be between 0.1mm and 0.15mm, otherwise the gap between one screw and the barrel must be adjusted again. In short, the gap between the two screws and the barrel must be ensured to be between 0.1mm and 0.15mm at the same time. After all adjustments are made, the adjusting gasket can be installed and the coupling sleeve can be put in place.

Note: some products leave the factory 65 cone twin screw clearance has been adjusted. The user should adjust according to the above method after assembly and disassembly maintenance.

(13) Raw material filter use

The 65-cone twin screw body is equipped with a raw material filter, which consists of upper and lower filter cylinders. It can prevent the raw materials of the exhaust port foundation from entering the vacuum pump. When the raw materials are filled with the lower filter cylinder, the lower filter cylinder must be removed to remove the internal sundries, and then installed. The quality of the products will be affected during the removal process.

Note: When installing the lower filter cylinder, ensure the seal between the upper filter cylinder.