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Alloy screw processing process should pay attention to what?

  alloy screwAlso known as bimetal screw, mainly made of two different metals, with processing economy, high economic benefits. As an important substitute material, alloy is widely used in daily life and industry. For example, calcium carbonate, high earth, red mud and silica are often added to plastics for modification. Glass fiber, carbon fiber and boron fiber are added for reinforcement.


What problems should be paid attention to in the processing of alloy screws?

1. Prepare ventilation conditions, because there will be smoke during processing;

2. Rotate the alloy screw at a uniform speed to evenly heat the surface. Do not heat the screws at just one point. Otherwise, the thermal stress on one side will cause the screw to twist and deform;

3. The temperature of alloy screws shall not exceed 400 (including threads). Otherwise, it will reduce the hardness and wear resistance of the screw;

4. Be especially careful when dealing with the check ring, because the heating temperature of the thin-walled part of the check ring rises quickly;

  5.alloy screwApply HSC ointment. Do not use other types of oil or grease to lubricate the threads. These lubricants will cause coking reaction at high temperature, and the residue left may block the screw head;

6. Avoid hard objects hitting the alloy screw, causing the screw to crack or break;

  7.alloy screwWhen repairing, especially when repairing the heated screw barrel, you must wear a protective mask and glasses;

8. Clean the alloy screws with a wire brush, and polish the surface of the screws with emery cloth (sand grade 240~280);

9. Burn it with flamealloy screwResidue on the internal thread, then carefully clean the thread with a wire brush.