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Inner hole polishing method and process of flat double barrel

It is equipped with a lower platform, a support frame and an upper platform. The upper surface of the upper platform is provided with a holding device. The support frame is provided with a support table. The screw 2 is rotatably arranged between the upper platforms. An installation chamber 3 is arranged in the upper platform. A motor 3 is arranged in the installation chamber 3. One end of the screw 2 is connected with the output shaft of the motor 3 through the end of the upper platform. The equipment shell is connected with the screw 2, the rotating shaft 2 is rotatably arranged on the lower side of the equipment housing, the equipment housing is provided with an equipment room, the equipment room is provided with a motor 4, the upper end of the rotating shaft 2 extends into the equipment room, and the end is in transmission connection with the output shaft of the motor 4, The invention can polish the inner wall of the cylinder and has simple operation. However, in the grinding device, the two inner holes of the flat cylinder cannot be ground at the same time, and the grinding efficiency is low. Therefore, the inner hole grinding method of the flat cylinder using the grinding device needs to be further improved. Let's learn about the inner hole grinding method and process of the next flat double barrel together!


In order to solve the above problems, the technical means adopted by the present invention is the inner hole grinding method of the flat cylinder, which is characterized in that,

1. the positioning mechanism to clamp the flat double cylinder;

the 2. drives the grinding mechanism to move along the flat cylinder axis to the flat cylinder side, so that the grinding mechanism and the driving mechanism operate;

3. the buffer head of the buffer mechanism rotates to smoothly polish and grind the inner hole wall of the flat double tube, and at the same time, the cooling device connected with the buffer mechanism cools the buffer head;

4. the driving mechanism is driven in such a way that the grinding head protrudes to one end of the inner hole of the flat cylinder, and moves along the axial direction of the inner hole of the flat cylinder until the grinding head protrudes from the other end of the inner hole of the flat cylinder;

5. the above-mentioned driving mechanism to drive the buffer mechanism back to the initial position, the flat cylinder with the inner hole wall polished smoothly is removed from the positioning mechanism, and the buffer operation of the flat cylinder is completed,

There are two grinding heads mentioned above, the two grinding heads are driven by the drive motors that rotate synchronously with their respective transmission shafts, the convex part on the side of each grinding head is cloth, the side of the grinding head between the two adjacent convex parts is cut, and the two grinding heads are arranged left and right, one

In addition, each grinding head of the flat double barrel is provided with a head frame concentrically connected with each transmission rod, a grinding rod with a cut and a convex part on the side of the head frame, a grinding rod installation groove is provided on the convex part, and the grinding rod is arranged In the grinding rod installation groove, the grinding surface of any grinding rod is arranged on the head frame. Compared with the prior art, the advantages of the present invention are, when the method smoothly grinds the inner hole of the flat double-layer barrel, it is not necessary to grind the inner hole wall of the flat double-layer barrel separately, as long as the transmission rod is inserted into the inner hole of the flat double-layer barrel with two grinding heads, it can grind the two "c" combination inner holes of the smooth flat double-layer barrel at one time.

The above introduction is a flat double barrel inner hole polishing method and process, if you need to know more, you can contact us at any time!