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Describe the function of flat double barrel

Since most injection molding machines use gravity feeding and forced feeding, the cross-sectional shape of the feed port must be able to be transported during feeding. In order to improve the conveying capacity, the feed port must increase the material area of the screw and the contact area between the screw and the pipe. The cross-sectional shape of the feed port can be symmetrical or offset, which is explained together below.Flat double barrelThe function of it!



  Flat double barrelThe symmetrical supply port is small, easy to manufacture, and low in transportation capacity. The offset printing feed port is suitable for high-speed screw feed, with better conveying capacity, but it is difficult to manufacture. When using the screw forced feed device, the plane shape of the feed port must be symmetrical circle, and the gravity feed must be eccentric.

Flat twin barrel cylinders for heating and cooling. The drum is widely used in the resistance heating belt heater, cast aluminum heater, ceramic heater and so on. The small size of the heater makes it easy to manufacture and maintain. The compression section should be equipped with a more powerful heater. In the process of plasticization, the shear heat is very small. Usually, the cylinder is not equipped with a separate cooling device, but relies on natural cooling. Flat double barrel

According to the number of root screw can be divided into uniaxial, biaxial, triaxial, multi-axis. The two axes can also be divided into parallel two axes and conical two axes. The obvious difference between parallel and conical twin-screw extruders is that the geometry of the screw cylinder is different, which causes many differences in structure and performance. The characteristics of the two are different, but each has its own advantages.

cone second axis

Conical extruder: two conical screw horizontal arrangement, two axis into an angle into the cylinder, two axis center distance from the small end to the big end gradually increased, the two output shaft of the transmission gearbox has a larger center distance. There is a lot of installation space on the gears and gear shafts of these transmission systems and the radial bearings and thrust bearings that support these gear shafts. This can be equipped with large-scale radial bearings and thrust bearings. Each transmission shaft is sufficient to meet the transmission The shaft diameter of the torque, so the action is large

Flat double barrel extruder: due to the limitation of the small center distance between the two screws, the radial bearing and thrust bearing supporting the two output shafts and the related transmission gear bear limited space in the transmission gear box. despite the designer's efforts, the bearing carrying capacity, small output torque and intolerance to load are obvious defects of the parallel double screw extruder. However, the plasticity of the aspect ratio is the advantage of the parallel twin screw. According to the different molding conditions, the aspect ratio can be increased or decreased according to the requirements of the plastic processing technology, and the application range of the parallel twin screw extruder can be expanded, but this is very difficult.

In order to maintain a good feed and feed effect and prevent the heat of the cylinder from being transferred to the transmission parts, a cooling water jacket is installed at the feed port for cooling and heat resistance, which is an important part of the injection system. Jointly complete the process of plastic transportation, plasticization and injection. It is also an installation support for other equipment (heaters, cooling equipment, hoppers, metering equipment, etc.). Flat double barrel

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