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Introduction of a Higher Efficiency Punching Device for Flat Double Barrel

There is a barrel drilling device on the market, which consists of a drilling mechanism and a barrel clamping device. The advantage is that the cylinder positioning accuracy is high, the cylinder deep hole drilling precision processing, replacement of different specifications of the cylinder, the cylinder is accurately adjusted to the corresponding position. However, the barrel drilling device cannot process two round holes at the same time, and the processing efficiency is low. Therefore, it is necessary to design a one-time processingFlat double barrelPunch device for inner hole.



In order to overcome the shortcomings of the existing technology, the technical staff to provide a can be processed.Flat double barrelPunch device for inner hole. It is realized by adopting the following technical solutions: a flat double barrel punching device, including a positioning mechanism that can clamp the barrel blank, a drilling mechanism that can axially drill on the barrel blank, and a drilling mechanism that can drive the drill in the drilling mechanism to extend into the barrel blank. The driving mechanism and the drilling mechanism are respectively connected to the power supply through lines, and the drilling mechanism is provided with a cooling device that can cool the drill. It is characterized in that there are two drill bits in the drilling mechanism, the two drill bits are driven by respective transmission rods through synchronous reverse rotation rotating motors, the side of each drill bit is distributed with convex parts, the side of the drill bit between two adjacent convex parts is provided with a slot, and the front surface of the drill bit is distributed with drilling blades. Flat double barrel

Wherein, the drill bit includes a tool seat and a drill blade, the rear end surface of the tool seat is concentrically connected with the respective transmission rod, the front end surface of the tool seat is provided with drill blade mounting grooves at intervals, and the drill blades are detachably connected in the corresponding drill blade mounting grooves. The two tool holders are on the same plane, the number of protrusions on each tool holder is the same, and the protrusions on any one tool holder are evenly distributed. The front end surface of the tool holder is distributed with a mounting protrusion, the drilling blade mounting groove is located on the mounting protrusion, and the front end surface of the tool holder on one side of the mounting protrusion is distributed with a tool holder through hole through which coolant and chips can pass. The drive rod of the drilling mechanism is located in the cylinder. The drilling mechanism includes a drive motor, a drive gear, a drive shaft and a drill bit; the moving part includes a moving seat and a fixed seat; the top of the fixed seat is provided with a guide rail; the cooling device is a liquid spray pipe that can spray coolant to the polishing head. The liquid spray pipe is arranged in the inner cavity of the cylinder body, the liquid inlet of the liquid spray pipe is connected with the cooling liquid source, and the liquid outlet of the liquid spray pipe extends out of the cylinder body and is aligned with the polishing head. Flat double barrel

Compared with the existing technology,Flat double barrelThe advantages of the drilling device are: when manufacturing the flat double-barrel inner hole, it is not necessary to drill holes on the barrel blank for many times, thus greatly improving the processing efficiency of the flat double-barrel inner hole; At the same time, since the positions of the two drill bits are determined during drilling and the distance between the rotation centers of the two drill bits has been set and determined before drilling, there is no need to correct the drilling position twice, thus further improving the drilling accuracy, it makes the drilled flat double-barrel inner hole better in quality and higher in efficiency, solves the problem that the drilling of the flat double-barrel inner hole needs to be carried out several times and the precision is difficult to adjust, and makes the drilling level of the flat double-barrel achieve a qualitative leap. In summary, the device makes the two drill bits on the same plane through an ingenious and innovative design, which effectively ensures that the two drill bits will not contact each other and rotate when rotating, and well solves the existing flat and double barrels. Difficult and troublesome defects, longer service life, higher production safety, and better application effect. Flat double barrel