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Some Relevant Introduction on the Hardness of Alloy Screw of Injection Molding Machine

Injection molding machine alloy screw alloy grade: A: tungsten nitride 40% fully hardenedalloy screw; B: Tungsten nitride fully hardened alloy screw 25C: Tungsten nitride 9.5% PTA tooth top spray welding screw.



Alloy hardness: HRC 58-62 applicable plastic range: suitable for all kinds of glass fiber and PPA plastic, polyphenylene sulfide, cyanamide, magnetic powder, polyester and other special engineering plastics. 2. General nitriding type:

Nitriding depth: 0.8mm Surface hardness: HRC65 Applicable plastic range: ordinary plastic, polypropylene, polystyrene, bingene nitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer, polycarbonate and polymethyl methacrylate injection molding machine screw And feed pipe selection guide:

Generally, plastics that do not contain flame retardants can be processed with ordinary universal screws, and different diameters can only be selected according to different melt viscosities. If it is a plastic with special properties, a special product or a plastic with a special particle shape, it is not better than a special screw in plasticization and power consumption. Below, the special screws designed and manufactured for various special products and requirements are introduced one by one.

Adopt importalloy screwFully hardened, effectively withstand high torque and high pressure impact, wear resistance, surface plating, corrosion resistance, smooth and non-porous, reduce surface adhesion and degradation, detailed structure treatment is meticulous.

Low shear design, low heat, can effectively prevent glue. Generally used in small and medium diameter, molding PC, ABS PC, PP-R flame retardant ABS effect is better. It can also be used for molding plastic and PMMA, ordinary products, but the mixing effect is poor. For example, if you add toner to plastic, you should customize enhanced color mixing screws. In the industry, the diameter of the alloy screw can be changed from large to small, the length can be changed from short to long, the injection pressure can be increased by more than 3000 kgf/cm2, and the injection seat can be transformed forward (after transformation, it can be normally restored to its original state).

The alloy screw has a large compression ratio, and the high alloy steel is fully hardened, which can effectively withstand the impact of high torque and high pressure. Hard chromium plating on the surface can reduce the surface adhesion, meet the degradation, and the plasticizing effect is uniform and good.

  alloy screwIn view of the strong corrosion of acidic plastics such as glass fiber and halogen, Sol and other plasticized parts are specially designed in terms of structure and surface treatment. The alloy screw has good corrosion resistance.

1. For plastics with a glass fiber content of more than 35%, it is recommended to use a grade A fully hardened alloy screw. The material composition of the alloy screw is mainly WC, Cr, Ni and Co, and the Wc content reaches 40%.

2. For plastic manufacturers with glass fiber content of 25%-35%, it is recommended to use B- grade fully hardened alloy screws. The material composition of the alloy screw is mainly WC, Cr, Ni and Si, and the Wc content reaches 25%.

3. For plastics with glass fiber content less than 25%, it is recommended to use C- grade spray welding alloy. The screw substrate is 38CrMoALA, and the alloy powder is mainly composed of nickel, chromium and vanadium.