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How much do you know about the alloy screw of precision injection molding machine?

precision injection molding machinealloy screwImported high alloy steel is fully hardened, which can effectively withstand high torque and high pressure impact, wear resistance, surface plating, corrosion resistance, smooth and non-porous, reducing surface adhesion and degradation, and meticulous structural treatment.



Low shear design, low heat, can effectively prevent glue. Generally used in small and medium diameter, molding PC, ABS PC, PP-R flame retardant ABS effect is better. It can also be used for molding plastic and PMMA, ordinary products, but the mixing effect is poor. For example, if you add toner to plastic, you should customize enhanced color mixing screws. In the industry, the diameter of the screw can be changed from large to small, the length can be changed from short to long, the injection pressure can be increased by more than 3000 kgf/cm2, and the injection seat can be transformed forward (after transformation, it can be normally restored to its original state).

precision injection molding machinealloy screwIt is a kind of high viscosity amorphous plastic, tough and tough, large feeding torque, not easy to melt, easy to stagnate, shear sensitive and easy to degrade, slightly poor fluidity, high requirements for material temperature and high pressure injection, wide material temperature adjustment range, Good manufacturability.

The alloy screw has a large compression ratio, and the high alloy steel is fully hardened, which can effectively withstand high torque and high pressure impact. Hard chromium plating on the surface can reduce surface adhesion, conform to degradation, uniform plasticizing effect and low degradation rate. In general, it is effective to add color to PMMA, PP-R, PC, and flame retardant ABS by removing the intermediate diameter. Glass fiber, halogen-free acid screw components: in view of the strong corrosive characteristics of glass fiber, halogen and other acidic plastics, the structure and surface treatment of the screw, sol barrel and other plasticizing parts are specially designed.

Polyvinyl chloride can be divided into granular and powdered plastics, which are very sensitive to temperature, easy to decompose, high viscosity and strong corrosiveness. The design of the alloy screw has two characteristics: the surface must be chrome-plated; there is no glue ring and glue meson.

The alloy screw has good plasticization, less shear heat and acid corrosion resistance. Because there is no rubber ring, it can not be used for low viscosity plastic and injection speed and pressure grading products. There are two kinds of screw designs: alloy screw and glue dispenser are integrated;

If the product quality is high, only a single plastic (PVC) should be used, otherwise it can be split. However, it should be noted that the separation of the alloy screw and the glue dispenser is easy to cause material accumulation. However, what kind of alloy screw should be selected? Alloy screw manufacturers recommend adding a special thermometer to control the temperature. Due to the need for heat dissipation and cooling, when making PVC products, the sol barrel should be used in conjunction with the alloy screw by forced air cooling.

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