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Matters needing attention in the processing of alloy screw

  alloy screwAgainIt is called bimetallic screw. Its main material is composed of two different metals, which has the advantages of economic processing to achieve better economic benefits. As an important alternative material, alloys are more and more widely used in daily life and industry. For example, calcium carbonate, high territory, red mud, silica, etc. are often added to plastics for modification, and glass fiber, carbon fiber, boron fiber, etc. are added for reinforcement, below together to understand the alloy screw in the process of attention!


  alloy screwWhat problems should be paid attention to in the process of processing:

1. When flue gas is generated during processing, ventilation conditions must be prepared;

2. Rotate the alloy screw at a constant speed and heat the surface evenly. Do not heat the screw at a certain point. Under the thermal stress on one side, the screw will be distorted.

3. The temperature of the alloy screw shall not exceed 400. The hardness and wear resistance of the screw are reduced.

4. Please pay special attention when dealing with the check ring, because the heating temperature of the thin-walled part of the check valve ring rises quickly;

5. When rotating the alloy screw head, apply HSC grease, and do not use other types of lubricating oil or grease to lubricate the screw thread. These lubricants will coke at high temperature, and the remaining residue may be stuck on the screw head;

6, to avoid hard object and alloy screw collision, resulting in screw cracking or fracture;

7, maintenance, especially the maintenance of heated screw cylinder, should wear protective masks and glasses;

8. Clean the alloy screw with a steel wire brush, and grind the screw surface with emery cloth (abrasive grain grade 240~280);

9. Bake the residue of the internal thread with flame, and clean the screw carefully with a wire brush.

First, the seamless steel pipe suitable for the cylinder size (the inner diameter is slightly larger than the inner diameter of the finished cylinder) is manufactured. Through the centrifugal casting method, the special alloy is cast on the inner surface of the pipe. After the alloy layer is cast, the inner diameter is slightly smaller than the inner diameter of the finished cylinder, and then mechanical processing is carried out.

with doublealloy screwAnd the extruder and injection machine assembled with the double alloy cylinder, due to the excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the screw and cylinder, the service life is much higher than that of the nitrided steel screw and cylinder, in order to overcome the shortcomings of the prior art, The utility model provides a fully hard alloy screw, which uses a protruding structure to protect the screw body, improves the life of the screw body, and uses multilayer cloaks and high-hardness materials to further improve the hardness and tolerance, and early reduce debris and discharge, reduce the generation of heat source.

By setting the cutter head, the utility model can enhance the ability to enter the workpiece and crush the edge at the same time. The grinding plate will flow the crushed cutter head into both sides of the edge, and the cutter head is discharged with particle board. The mandrel and the screw shaft arranged between the cutter heads can be high-strength and effectively enter through high-strength composite with cemented carbide, cloak nickel-based alloy and tungsten carbide composite powder coating. The screw body is protected by protruding structure, it can prevent further wear of the screw body. Secondly, the sliding plate and the guide plate arranged at the front end of the alloy screw can quickly further crush and discharge the chips, which can prevent excessive chips from accumulating inside to form friction and generate more heat. The inlet liquid passage arranged inside the screw body is cooled by the inlet liquid when entering ultra-high temperature, thereby generating more heat.

The above introduction is the alloy screw in the process of attention, if you need to know more, you can contact us at any time!