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Functional Parameters and Applicable Articles of 110 Cone Twin Extruder

  110 cone doubleThe screw parts used in the extruder are full-meshing conjugate type, which is a process of using computers to realize the transportation of articles, plasticization, shearing, production, processing and extrusion. In view of the endless emergence of new materials and technologies of polymer compounds, various new screw parts and constituent devices have been introduced one after another. Then, let's learn about the functional parameters and applicable articles of the extruder together!



110 cone double extruder function parameters:

The diameter of the 110 cone twin extruder refers to the outer diameter of the screw, as shown in D, in millimeters, the screw diameter of the single screw extruder and the 110 cone twin extruder is the main performance parameter, and its size represents the output of the twin screw extruder at the corresponding level. The larger the screw diameter, the greater the output.

  110 cone doubleThe diameter of the extruder hole refers to the size of the thread part on the screw, that is, the ratio of the appropriate size of the screw to the diameter of the screw, expressed by L/D, where l is the appropriate size of the screw and d is the diameter of the screw. In the building block twin-screw extruder in the tooth contract direction, since the aperture of the screw can be changed, the aperture in the product template should refer to the possible aperture.

The screw aperture of the 110 cone twin extruder is the main technical performance parameter, which correspondingly shows the operation capability of the twin screw extruder to realize the specified production operation and function (with the screw speed and feeding amount), and also shows the size of the output. However, it should be pointed out that the concept of aperture is not as important as that of a single screw extruder. In addition to specifying the appropriate work, the longer the aperture, the longer the output. (The output of the twin-screw extruder is more determined by the screw diameter, screw speed, screw configuration and feed rate.

110 cone twin extruder screw speed range Twin screw extruder screw range can usually be stepless adjustment, the screw has a low speed and large speed, at this stage of large speed up to 1000r/min or more, the higher the speed, the greater the shear stress, the greater the output.

110 cone double extruder applicable products:

  1 .110 cone doubleThe extruder can adjust the ambient temperature, feel the viscosity becomes larger, and can increase the ambient temperature to reduce the viscosity to reach the production and processing standard, provided that the high temperature resistant ambient temperature of the processed goods is high enough.

When there is a standard, the screw component can be changed to meet the production and processing of different items.

3, with different additives to set up different processing technology, set the viscosity to carry out production and processing, so that the mixture is completely dispersed.

The above introduction is110 cone doubleThe functional parameters and applicable items of the extruder, if you need to know more, please feel free to contact us!