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Screw and Barrel for Plastic Board Machine to slow down wear speed

Screw and Barrel for Plastic Board Machine is the core component of the plastic extruder, called the "heart", so people are very concerned about the service life of the barrel and screw when using the plastic extruder. Because the plastic extruder screw barrel is affected by its own material hardness, wear resistance, design, processing technology, assembly, production efficiency and other factors, it is inevitable that it will be worn during use. Once it is worn, it will affect Extrusion effect, is there any way to slow down its wear and tear?

Low price Screw and Barrel for Plastic Board Machine from China manufacturer
The manufacturer of Screw and Barrel for Plastic Board Machine tells you that the screw is generally made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant alloy steel, and the barrel is basically a metal cylinder, which is made of high heat resistance, high compressive strength, firmness and It is made of corrosion-resistant alloy steel or composite steel pipe lined with alloy steel.
The barrel and the screw cooperate with each other to realize the crushing, softening, melting, plasticizing, exhausting and compacting of the plastic, and continuously and uniformly transport the plastic to the molding system. At the same time, the barrel is also the installation of many devices time support.
How to slow down the wear speed of the barrel and screw and improve the effective service life is a problem that many users are very concerned about.
If the residence time of the material in the screw is reduced, it will easily lead to uneven mixing and plasticization of the material. After excessive shearing, it may cause the material to rise sharply and thermally decompose, and the difficulty of extrusion stability control will increase. Once the extrusion is unstable, it will cause the size of the extrudate to change.
The manufacturer of Screw and Barrel for Plastic Board Machine tells you that you should improve the accuracy of auxiliary devices and control systems. If the screw and barrel are severely worn, you need to use high wear-resistant and ultra-high wear-resistant materials. The reducer and bearings are running at high speed. At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure that its service life is guaranteed.
When using a plastic extruder, users can use some relatively simple methods to improve the wear resistance of the barrel and screw. The screw and barrel can be designed to be between the inner diameter of the barrel wall and the outer diameter of the flight. The original gap provides greater melting efficiency. Generally speaking, these gaps are relatively small, so that good heat transfer effect and shear rate can be exerted.
Once the screw rotates in the barrel, it is inevitable that there will be wear and tear. There are many places where wear occurs, and it can occur on the surface of the screw flight or the barrel, or on the surface of the screw flight and the barrel at the same time. The manufacturer of Screw and Barrel for Plastic Board Machine tells you that whether it is the grinding filler in the polymer being processed, or the metal particles that do not belong to the melt flow property, as long as the material being processed is harder, the barrel and screw will wear faster. faster, and the raw gap increases accordingly.
Once the gap increases, the melting efficiency will decrease. If the melting efficiency decreases compared with the original setting, many users tend to increase the back pressure and temperature of the barrel by increasing the screw speed, so that it can be improved through compensatory adjustments. melting efficiency.
With these adjustments, the occurrence of unmelted material can be properly avoided, the generation of waste can be reduced, and the temperature of the lubricating melt can be increased. However, it should be known that such changes are gradual and are not usually noticed, but these changes will affect product quality and production efficiency.
The manufacturer of Screw and Barrel for Plastic Board Machine tells you that when the plasticizing rate, productivity, and waste rate cannot meet the user's requirements, the user begins to want to find out the reason, and the wear of the barrel and screw of the plastic extruder is the cause of these problems The main reason is that at this time, the problem needs to be solved by replacing the screw or barrel.