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What are the structural characteristics of 110 cone

110 cone double is a 110 cone double that can concentrate on a series of basic chemical unit processes such as solid conveying, pressurization, melting, exhaust, dehumidification, melting conveying, pumping, etc. It is a machine running on a rod. Compared with single screw extruder, 110 cone double can melt and mix more fully, so it is more widely used. Then, let's learn about it together.110 cone doubleWhat are the structural characteristics!



110 cone double structure features:

The remarkable feature of the split parallel twin-screw extruder is that the barrel is split, and the screw and the inner sleeve of the barrel can be combined at will.

Split Tube:

The previous twin-screw extruder barrel was one-piece and could not be opened. The split type twin-screw extruder is a split type, consisting of upper and lower half cylinders, the lower half cylinder is fixed on the frame, and the upper half cylinder is connected with the lower half cylinder through a worm reducer. Usually use two rows of bolts to fasten the upper and lower cylinders. When you need to open the cylinder, just loosen the bolt and turn the worm gear box by hand to turn the handle to open the barrel.

110 cone double and barrel:

  110 cone doubleThe main screw and barrel adopt advanced "block type" design. The screw is composed of various screw blocks and body linings installed on the mandrel. The sleeve can be adjusted according to different screw blocks. The ideal structure of the screw elements can be flexibly combined according to the technical requirements of the material variety to realize the conveying, plasticizing, Refining, shearing and discharging of materials

Another advantage of the "block" design is that the worn screw and cylinder parts can be partially replaced, avoiding the overall abandonment of the screw and cylinder, and can greatly reduce maintenance costs.

1. The double shaft of the fuselage is of high-speed and co-directional meshing type, which can produce very powerful and complex material transfer and exchange, split mixing, shear mixing in various threads and mixed parts. These functions can be adjusted and controlled freely by changing the screw configuration and operating process conditions to meet the requirements of various processes.

2. Accurate measurement and reasonable feeding methods are the key to strict implementation of the prescription and the beginning of ensuring product quality. We have a variety of supply methods according to the performance of the material and the needs of users.

3. Advanced control system. The extruder adopts an advanced and beautiful control system. Most of the control components are imported, with good quality and high sensitivity. The operating parameters of the host are current, voltage, temperature, and torque. The operation is very convenient, and the requirements for operators are not high.

4. The system is equipped with wire drawing water cooling, hot water cooling and hot air cooling, which can be configured according to materials and user requirements.

The above is what are the structural characteristics of the 110 cone double, if you need to know more, you can contact us at any time!