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What is the role of the barrel screw of the injection molding machine?

Injection Molding Machinebarrel screwWhat is the role?



The barrel screw is an important part of the injection molding machine. Its function is to transport, compact, melt, stir and pressurize the plastic. In the extrusion molding system, the cylinder is an important part of the extruder. Spiral groove: Cylindrical or conical screws with spiral grooves on the outer surface of the screw have different head types, including hexagonal screws, and others, such as large flat screws, hexagon socket screws, etc. The barrel screw is made of metal, and has high temperature resistance and high wear resistance, which is relatively simple compared with the structure. In large extruders, the structure of the barrel may consist of several segments. In the application of structural forms, it is divided into: integral type, segmented type, bushing type, casting type, and double metal layer type cylinder.

All of this is done by rotating the barrel inbarrel screwTo complete. When the barrel screw rotates, the plastic will produce friction and mutual movement between the inner wall of the barrel, the bottom surface of the screw groove, the push surface of the screw edge and the plastic and the plastic. Due to the combination of this movement, the plastic is pushed forward, and the heat generated by friction is absorbed, thereby raising the temperature of the plastic and melting it. The design structure of the screw will directly affect the degree of these effects. The role of the three-stage sealing screw plays a role in fixing the template and preventing mold in the concrete wall of modern buildings, but its greater role is performance, and it can play a role in stopping water and waterproofing. Because of its role, it brings a lot of convenience to modern architecture, especially in the rainy season. We should also be grateful for such a small object. On July 5, 2016, the Qinhuai River tributary Youyi River continued due to heavy rain. The water level rose rapidly. The barrel screw caused a large range of accumulated water in the nearby Yinlong Yayuan and Yinlong Jinyuan residential areas and surrounding roads, with a depth of up to 1.3 meters. The local streets and ministries mobilized 11 water pumps to drain water from the community to prevent further floods and protect people's property. Have the basements in these two neighborhoods been waterproofed before? The answer is yes. Because the basement was completely unaffected. As for the two residential areas of Yinlong Yayuan and Yinlong Jinyuan and the surrounding roads, the scope of accumulated water is relatively large. If waterproof materials are not made in the initial stage, the wall will be affected with damp and accumulated water will seep into the basement, affecting the items stored in the basement, and the consequences of heavy rain will be unimaginable. Now that our customers have witnessed the role of the three-stage sealing screw, the confidence in the three-stage sealing screw is undoubtedly doubled.

It can be seen that the application range of higher barrel screw is very wide, which modern one does not use water stop belt screw, this trend has promoted the sales of barrel screw manufacturers, especially the sales of new water stop belt screw. Because of its advantages, in such an era, the three-stage barrel screw is one of the inevitable that modern construction and construction industry have been inseparable from it, and it is also favored by construction friends.