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What to Do When the Screw and Barrel for Pipe Machine Wears Out

The manufacturer of Screw and Barrel for Pipe Machine tells you that extrusion equipment generally includes two parts: the main machine and the auxiliary machine. The extruder is the main machine part, and the extruder is a relatively complicated device. It consists of many accessories, and the barrel and screw are among them. Indispensable "heart" parts, if you want to improve the quality and products of extrusion, you must choose the appropriate barrel and screw. If the barrel and screw are worn out, it will affect the smooth progress of the extrusion work, so is there any way to repair it?

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The repair of the barrel and the screw needs to be discussed separately. First, let’s talk about the repair method of the screw wear:
1. If the screw has been broken, it can only be replaced with a new screw. The new screw needs to be selected according to the required fit clearance of the barrel.
2. If the worn surface of the screw is relatively small, it can be repaired. When repairing, the worn screw surface needs to be cleaned first, and then the wear-resistant alloy is thermally sprayed on the worn part. The manufacturer of Screw and Barrel for Pipe Machine tells you that After spraying, it can be found that the size of the screw is larger than the old one. Through grinding, the size of the screw can be restored to the original size. Because this method is low in cost, it is used more often.
3. If the thread part of the screw has obvious wear, the damaged part is more serious. In this case, if you want to repair it, you need to use the method of wear-resistant alloy surfacing welding. Generally, the size of surfacing welding is 2~3mm thick, and then Then grind to a suitable position, but the repair cost of this method is relatively high.
4. If the size of the worn screw is not much different from that of the old screw, it can be repaired by hard chrome plating on the surface. The manufacturer of Screw and Barrel for Pipe Machine tells you that the hard chrome layer not only has good wear resistance but also has better corrosion resistance. However, if the chrome plating layer is thick or the base treatment is not good, the chrome layer will fall off.
The hardness of the inner surface of the jig is relatively high, so compared with the screw, it wears later. Generally, the jig is scrapped because the inner diameter increases. It can be fixed as follows:
1. If the worn barrel still has a certain nitriding layer, the barrel inner L can be directly bored to a suitable diameter, and a screw that matches the diameter can be configured.
2. Re-cast the alloy to the barrel, the casting size is between 1 and 2 mm, and then adjust the size.
3. After the homogenization section with severe barrel wear is repaired by the boring tool L, a nitriding alloy steel bushing is added according to the diameter of the screw.
The manufacturer of Screw and Barrel for Pipe Machine tells you that when using an extruder, the wear of the barrel and screw is a relatively common phenomenon. Knowing the cause of the wear and the repair method can allow us to discover the wear of the barrel and screw in time, and Repair the wear and tear in time to prolong its service life.