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How to maintain Screw and Barrel for Extruder daily

During the continuous operation of Screw and Barrel for Extruder, the internal parts of the Screw and Barrel for Extruder inevitably wear out, which directly leads to a decrease in production efficiency. In response to this bad phenomenon, related industries have proposed corresponding maintenance for Screw and Barrel for Extruder. So what are the maintenance tasks of Screw and Barrel for Extruder? Let's take a look together next!

Screw and Barrel for Extruder
After the Screw and Barrel for Extruder is put into production, due to long-term dynamic load operation, coupled with contact with corrosive gas and melt erosion, the operating functions and production power of some transmission parts and screw barrels will gradually change, slightly decline. In normal operations, it is emphasized that attention should be paid to the maintenance of the equipment. The intention is to extend the operating life of the equipment so that its operating functions and production power can maintain normal conditions for a long period of time. To ensure the steady growth of the economic benefits of the enterprise.
The maintenance of the extruder is divided into daily maintenance and regular maintenance. The daily maintenance of the extruder is the operating procedure rules and operating precautions in the production operation of the extruder, which requires the operator to implement it carefully. (Note here: the operator should be based on the working principle of Screw and Barrel for Extruder)
The manufacturer of Screw and Barrel for Extruder tells you that regular maintenance of the extruder can be organized according to the load and operating time of the extruder. Generally, it can be carried out once every six months or once a year. During maintenance, repair fitters and equipment operators cooperate with each other. The work content is as follows:
①Sweep and wipe the oil stains on the extruder and dust in the electric control box
②Disassemble the gear transmission reduction box and bearing gland to check the wear and tear of each transmission part; the manufacturer of Screw and Barrel for Extruder tells you to observe the quality change of the lubricating oil and make up for the amount of oil in time; if the oil contains more sundries , Should be filtered or replaced.
③The worn gears should be surveyed, and the bearing specifications should be recorded. After the operation, a spare parts production or purchase plan should be proposed, and time for repair and replacement should be arranged.
④Check the V-belt wear status and adjust the center distance of the V-belt equipment (it is required to keep the V-belt transmission operation loose and appropriate); if the V-belt is severely worn, it should be replaced.
⑤Check the wear condition of the barrel and screw. The manufacturer of Screw and Barrel for Extruder tells you that the inner surface of the barrel and the outer circle of the screw thread have slight scratches and friction marks. They can be polished with fine oil stone or fine emery cloth to reach a flat lubrication. Record the working surface of the barrel and screw (barrel The measured dimensions of the inner circle and the screw outer circle diameter).
⑥ Detect and verify the actual heating temperature of the barrel (measured with a mercury thermometer) and the apparent temperature error value to ensure the correct control of the operating process temperature of the extruder.
⑦Adjust and test each safety alarm equipment to ensure the reliability and accuracy of its operations.
⑧ Check and test whether various infusion pipelines (water, gas and lubricating oil) are smooth, and repair and dredge the leaking and blocked parts.
⑨ Check and experiment whether the connection of each power transmission line is strong, and whether the safety grounding protection of the electric control box and equipment is strong.
⑩Check and test whether the working orientation of heating equipment, cooling fan and safety cover is correct, and make necessary adjustments and corrections to ensure that Screw and Barrel for Extruder can operate correctly and effectively.