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The principle of barrel screw?

The emergence and development of any industry is inseparable from the progress of science and technology, which is also the promotion of the industry caused by the continuous expansion of market demand, and promotes the continuous upgrading of products by relevant personnel.barrel screwThe development is also undergoing rapid changes. Here we will introduce the principle of the barrel screw in detail, and follow the editor to understand it. Hope to help everyone.




The extruder principle of the barrel screw After the plastic enters the screw from the hopper, it is transported forward through the friction between the inner wall of the barrel and the screw surface under the action of the rotating screw. In the feed section of the screw, loose solid particles (or powder) are filled by the screw. In the trough, with the continuous transportation of materials, the materials begin to be compacted. When the material enters the compression section of the barrel screw, due to the gradual shallower depth of the screw groove and the resistance of the machine head, the plastic gradually forms a high pressure and is further compacted. At the same time, the internal friction generated by the heating outside the barrel controls the frying and cutting heat and the strong stirring effect of the screw and the inner surface of the barrel on the material, the temperature of the plastic continues to rise. And at a certain point in contact with the barrel, the temperature of the plastic reaches the melting point and begins to melt.

The main part of the pin screw of the barrel screw is a common screw, and the pin can be arranged on the melting section or the blanking groove of the metering section of the screw or the smooth cylindrical surface without thread groove at the end of the metering section. The pins are arranged in a certain arrangement, with different densities and numbers. The cylindrical pin is formed by inserting the pin into the hole of the screw; the barrel screw is formed by milling directly on the threaded rod to form a square or diamond pin. If these pins are placed in the melting zone, they can break up the solid bed, disrupt the two-phase flow, stir the solid and liquid phases together, increase the contact area of the undissolved solid fragments with the contained material, and promote melting. If the pin of the barrel screw is set in the melt conveying zone, its main function is to divide the stream, increase the interface, change the direction of the stream, and rearrange the stream.

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