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Introduction of barrel screw?


Every kind of thing has its value. In our daily life, there are many things and products that cannot be separated from it. So in the industrial field, there are also a lot of machinery and equipment playing their role in different fields,barrel screwNo exception, today we will talk about the barrel screw are used in what aspects? If you are interested, continue to look down together.




  barrel screwIt is an important part of the extruder in the extrusion and compression molding system. The barrel and the screw work together, the barrel contains the screw, and the screw rotates in the barrel. When the screw rotates to push the plastic to move forward in the barrel, the outside of the barrel is heated and the heat is transferred to the plastic in the barrel. The volume of the thread on the screw gradually shrinks, so that the plastic groove in the thread is squeezed, overturned and sheared. After cutting and other forces, uniform mixing plasticization. As it moves to the front end of the barrel, it gradually melts into a viscous flow state, completing the plasticization of the plastic. The normal coordination of the barrel and the screw ensures the continuous extrusion of the extruder raw materials. This is a good fit of the barrel screw.

The structure of the barrel screw cavity tube is relatively simple. In large extruders, the structure of the barrel can be composed of several parts. Since the lumen is divided into several sections, the length of each section of the lumen is reduced, which brings convenience to the processing of the lumen. However, this kind of cavity tube composed of multiple sections is difficult to achieve the same inner diameter size and the concentricity accuracy of the inner hole of the multi-section cavity tube after processing; the arrangement of the cooling equipment will also bring some difficulties, and the temperature control will not be too uniform. In order to save the more expensive alloy steel, the barrel screw of some large extruders adopts the method of adding bushing or casting wear-resistant alloy layer in the inner hole. The chamber tube housing can be cast from ordinary steel, thereby reducing the manufacturing cost of the barrel screw chamber tube.

  barrel screwMore used in plastic molding equipment, such as plastic profile extruders, injection molding machines, etc. Screw and barrel are the core components of plastic molding equipment. It is a part that is heated, extruded and plasticized. It is the core of plastic machinery. Screws are widely used in machining centers, CNC machines, CNC lathes, injection molding machines, wire cutting machines, grinders, milling machines, wire walking, fast wire walking, PCB drilling machines, engraving machines, engraving machines, spark discharge motors, tooth occlusal machines, planers, large vertical lathes, gantry milling, etc.

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